Induction 21 Lid For SLIN25-240, SLIN32-240, SLIN33-240, SLIN63-24, SLIN73-24

Tapa de inducción 21 para SLIN25-240, SLIN32-240, SLIN33-240, SLIN63-24, SLIN73-24

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TAPA PARA SLIN25-240, SLIN32-240, SLIN33-240, SLIN63-24, SLIN73-24 y todas las opciones recubiertas para estas piezas

- 6 cuartos. Cazuela, 8 cuartos. Olla sopera, molde de 10 pulgadas

Las tapas de vidrio templado son resistentes a roturas y aptas para horno hasta 425 °F/220 °C, pero evite la exposición directa a un quemador o llama caliente y evite cambios extremos de temperatura. No utilices la tapa de cristal si notas una grieta en ella.


Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Puzach
shattered lid

350 degrees in oven and lid shattered like a spider web, ruined sauce. 1 star is too generous


This search started with a replacement seal for the harmonic whistle tea kettle, which we found. Then, we found the lid that we already have but wanted another. The first lid has to be 30 plus years old, looks just like the new one or the new one is just like the old one. Enduring quality.

Bill P.
Great product, of course.

Have had Chantal pots and pans with lids for ~20 yrs. I love the see thru glass lids. Some friends scoffed at the cost of the collection, but the laugh is on them.
Still in good shape and in spite of dropping lids several times, no damage.
Bought a 10in fry pan a year or two back (love it) but no lid with it.
finally searched the website and found a lid that fits. Was out of stock so had to wait for it. Very glad to have bought it.
Would be interested if it came with a small vent hole. I expcet years of service.

Joan E.
Great service for replacement lids

When I first searched for my replacement lid, it was out of stock. I was so impressed that Chantal notified me when it was back in stock, and am happy with my new lid! As a result of searching for a replacement lid, I noticed there are saucepans with strainer lids, so will be expanding my set.

Thomas Jamison

A nice fit.

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