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Chantal Utensils Perform Beautifully!
To achieve the ultimate in function and beauty we have incorporated innovative design features into our handles making them comfortable and stay cool.  All Chantal Utensils are made from premium Stainless Steel and come with a 10 year limited warranty.

    stainless steel small flat whisk utensil
    Small Flat Whisk
    Open page Small Flat Whisk
    perforated stainless steel spoon utensil
    Perforated Spoon
    Open page Perforated Spoon
    stainless steel solid spoon utensil
    Solid Spoon
    Open page Solid Spoon
    stainless steel spaghetti fork utensil
    Spaghetti Fork
    Open page Spaghetti Fork
    stainless steel soup ladle utensil
    Soup Ladle (4 Oz.)
    Open page Soup Ladle (4 Oz.)
    stainless steel slotted turner utensil
    Slotted Turner
    Regular price $27.95 Sale price$19.95 Save $8.00
    Open page Slotted Turner
    spoon set 3 pieces utensils
    Spoon Set (3 Pc.)
    Regular price $83.94 Sale price$54.95 Save $28.99
    Open page Spoon Set (3 Pc.)
    beautiful stainless steel 3 piece set of utensils that includes turner, spoon and flat whisk
    Utensil Set (3 Pc.)
    Regular price $80.95 Sale price$54.95 Save $26.00
    Open page Utensil Set (3 Pc.)
    white hour glass shaped utensil crock with complete collection of 6 stainless steel utensils
    6 Piece Utensil Set with FREE Crock
    Regular price $194.95 Sale price$117.95 Save $77.00
    Open page 6 Piece Utensil Set with FREE Crock
    hourglass shaped utensil crock white
    Hourglass-Shaped Utensil CrocK
    Regular price $29.95 Sale price$7.95 Save $22.00
    Open page Hourglass-Shaped Utensil CrocK
    utensils small balloon whisk
    Small Balloon Whisk
    Open page Small Balloon Whisk
    utensils narrow spatula
    Narrow Spatula
    Open page Narrow Spatula
    3clad 5 piece set with steamer
    3.Clad Pasta Set (5 Pc.)
    Regular price $367.95 Sale price$349.95 Save $18.00
    Open page 3.Clad Pasta Set (5 Pc.)