premium japanese steel contains titanium copper and is nickel free non pourous enamel cooking surface eco friendly and healthy nonstick coating

Healthy Cooking Starts with Safe Cookware


There’s more to Chantal cookware than durability and style. Every pot, pan, and kettle are crafted to the highest FDA health and safety standards. In addition to American expectation, Chantal’s ID21 series also exceeds the incredibly detailed testing of the German LFDG. (Lebens-Mittel und Futtermittel Gesetzbuch)


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Just as you would never compromise the quality of ingredients in your famous lasagna, Chantal refuses to sacrifice performance, health-safety, or beauty.


Chantal Cookware: Where health safety and quality performance coincide, beautifully.


  • Our premium stainless steel includes titanium, chromium, and copper.
  • Copper is added for excellent thermal conductivity
  • Titanium and chromium are added in place of Nickel to prevent corrosion
  • Our ID21 is one of the very few stainless steel cookware lines that has these elements already melted into the steel
  • We receive individual melt certificates from the Japanese steel mill, confirming our steel’s premium quality.
  • Our certified Japanese steel is meticulously formed in China, before reaching the US.
  • Chantal’s premium stainless steel is completely non-porous; providing quality cooking, free from any transfer of food particles and allergens.


Chantal Premium Japanese Steel is 100% Aluminum and Nickel Free


For the 18% of the population with a Nickel allergy, Chantal cookware is the ultimate kitchen companion! Some cookware brands incorporate Nickel or Aluminum, as an inexpensive heat conductor. Chantal proudly constructs stainless cookware, including Titanium and Copper, for superior durability and heat distribution.




Though scientists are uncertain about the transaction of Aluminum from cookware into the body, studies show that during cooking, aluminum can leech from a pan into your food. One of the fastest reacting metals, Aluminum transfer increases with acidic foods and in foods with long cook times.


This is particularly alarming, considering Alzheimer’s patients exhibit high amounts of aluminum in their brains.


A subject near and dear to founder Heida Thurlow, Chantal has refused Aluminum, since the company’s beginning.


Not All Nonsticks Are Created Equal


A good non-stick pan is the secret weapon for home cooks and restaurant chefs alike.


Although all non-stick coatings are porous, our ceramic coating from Whitford is cured using a meticulous slow-paced process to reduce the number of pores and increase the quality of the coating.


Whitford Corporation tests show it exceeds the highest quality rating by the FDA, to the extent that it is exempt from the FDA food contact regulations.


Proudly Made Without The Big Bad Three!



PFOA: Perfluorooctanoic Acid

PFOS: Perfuorooctane Sulfonate

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene


Big words used for non-stick coating in the cookware industry.


PFOA & PFOS is serious stuff. These synthetic substances are regarded as extremely toxic to animals and have already permeated the environment. Washing cookware with PFOA & PFOS distributes trace amounts of the substance into the water system.


It also flecks off into your food.


Chantal nonstick ceramic coatings offer cooking experiences without toxicity concerns - so you can focus on your searing technique, not the safety of the pan.