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The quality!! Better than a brand I have that cost 5x this piece.

I love my 7 qt Chantal Stock Pot! Nothing sticks and easy to clean. Very heavy cookware and high quality! Especially love the black enamel inside. Won't show the stains or discolorations over the years. Beautiful blue exterior color! Thank you!! I'm going to buy more!

Michelle M.

Scandinavian Design. White. Simple. Works Perfectly.

When my old tea kettle died and couldn't find a modern looking one for my kitchen, was happy to find this one to fit in with my white kitchen. It goes well with all my other countertop appliances. Works so simply and quick to heat. Love the touch of "wood" handle. Not loud or finicky.

Melissa Y.

Why did I wait so long?

I have a perfectly fine square griddle. (Single burner). And a frying pan. (Another burner). Kept this griddle in my “save for later” for years. After cooking another breakfast I broke down! It’s perfect. Heats evenly, fits beautifully, level on the stove… I’m in love!

J. Miller

Best teapot ever!

I love everything about this teapot. It has a two tone Loud whistle, good for us older folks.It comes with the handle hot pad and is artfully designed! 5 stars

Janet Wiltjer

OMG! Super Adorable!

It is RIDICULOUSLY adorable! Cutest little butter dish ever! It is also sturdy, and fits perfectly in the fridge with my regular sized butter dish. I've uploaded a photo of it next to our regular butter dish. Looks like our regular butter dish had a baby, LOL!


Retro-looking electric kettle is perfect for a spot of tea

It takes about a minute for a 2 cups of water to boil. It is fairly quiet as it boils. Such a cute design with the retro-looking color & goose-neck spout.


Just Love it!

When I received it, I was so pleased! I specifically wanted that pale green color ... I also like how comfortable it is to hold the handle. Feels very sturdy and comfortable t while holding it.


New Arrivals

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Welcome to Chantal, where every piece of cookware embodies a commitment to unparalleled performance, durability, and style, ensuring that your culinary creations are not only delicious but also prepared on the healthiest cooking surfaces available today.

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