Enamel-on-Steel Oolong Teakettle Collection (1.8 Qt)


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premium stainless steel whistle  single tone whistle aqua oolong teakettle
comfortable stay cool handle on oolong teakettle
easy clean enamel on steel finish

The Oolong kettle from Chantal has an ergonomic stay-cool handle that fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring. Our easy-clean, high quality enamel, is guaranteed not to fade. Enamel-on-Steel teakettles are made with magnetic carbon steel which means they will work on all cook tops INCLUDING magnetic induction. Enamel is also easy to clean and the color will not fade over time. 1.8 qt. (7 cup) functional capacity.
·  Chantal enamel is fired at high temperatures to create a smooth, glossy finish that is guaranteed not to fade and is easy to clean
·  Ergonomic stay-cool handle facilitates easy pouring and handling; Stainless steel single-tone whistle lets you know when your water has boiled
·  Wide flat bottom facilitates rapid boiling; Perfect for all stove tops including magnetic Induction
·  One-piece body construction helps prevent mineral build-up
·  Wide opening lid for easy cleaning and fill
·  1.8 quart (7 cups) functional capacity

Color Code Descriptions:
AQ - Aqua
BK - Black
FY- Fog Grey
MY- Marigold
YC- Canary Yellow
RA - Apple Red
WT - White
LB- Glacier Blue
SA- Sage

Oolong kettle from Chantal has an ergonomic stay-cool handle that fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
D Ballard

I purchased the gray colored whistling teapot. It is beautiful and functional. I love when it whistles.

Valeria Naumova-Feanco
Great product for a great price!

It's great, thank you!

Columbia FIERO
Absolutely Lovely Teakettle

Thank you for this very wonderful Oolong Teakettle. Much appreciation for all your kindness and help in bringing this kettle into our lives!

Deborah Tourville
I love my red tea kettle!

I absolutely love my Chantal tea kettle.

allison northway
Totally Satisfied with their product AND their customer service

After I recently submitted my review regarding my white with black handle tea kettle purchased from Home Goods complaining about the spout. (see paragraph below) Chantal immediately emailed me explaining how to remedy the problem. "Occasionally the flipper lid action can become a bit stiff and not fully close. A bit of oil or spritz of spray Pam solves the issue. " Well it worked! The lid now closes and the kettle whistles when ready. I am totally satisfied with the kettle AND Chantal's customer service! Quality products & perfect customer service....what a Great combination! Highly recommend!

The good news is it looks great in my kitchen, has lid for easy clean, easy filling, the handle doesn't get hot and kettle is well balanced for easy pouring. The disappointing news is that after only a few uses (heating water for tea only) the spout will not stay closed and can't be closed all the way preventing the tea kettle from whistling.

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