Good morning! I just had the pleasure of speaking with Christie, who answered (very promptly) our customer service line at 1-800 365-4354. I got this from the brochure enclosed with my newly opened Keep Warm Electric Kettle, which I purchased from Target on Geary & Masonic here in San Francisco, CA. The product is very sweet and good for my morning coffEE. I have been meaning to call Chantal for eons, regarding a set of cookware that I have had for eons, but not sure exactly that. Christie suggested I email Chantal at this address ( I doubted that I would be able to do that. So we moved on to a general conversation about the lining of the cookware, my question being, can Chantal be re-lined. The answer is unfortunately and sadly NO. I think I was getting confused in my head (this happens!) with the tin-lined Copper cookware from France which can be re-lined. Anyway, we had a friendly conversation - Hello? this is Texas - and I said I would email anyway so that I have the info where I can find it again. I told Christie that I would never part with the cookware as each piece is a work of art! I have some on display in my Bay Windows for "pancake day." So, now examining the About chantal (Circle R) brochure, I am almost certain that what I have is theEnamel-on-Steel Cookware • Made in Germany! - Glossy, rich enamel colors never fade [away ]. • Cook & Serve - stovetop to table and ready to serve. • Perfect for magnetic induction and all stovetops. The cookware is pictured in Blue, I think - which is the color I first saw at my friends Gini & Phillip - German. I believe her linings were BLUE also, which is very special. I was immediately enCHANTed and copied her when I bought saucepans for my own home. Pic also has a turquoise and a tan. Mine is RED. Linings black. I forget where I got it but it was, I want to say, around 25 years ago, at least, if not 30. My friends' set is probably in near-perfect condition. Well, they are German lol. Me and my family managed to wreck the saucepans in pretty short order. When we replaced a little one, we could only get that letter-box red (think Royal Mail), not the deep cherry red that we have which is gorgeous. Thank you! There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, I am very happy indeed. I told Christie that I would get back in touch later, if needed. Meanwhile she gave me some quick tips on cleaning the pans. God bless Houston, Sam Houston and the eyes of Texas are a shining.

Crazy Dorée , Feb 22, 2021

Due to the cold I got busy baking bread using Chantal equipment. It was glorious! Three different no knead recipes in 2 different Chantal Dutch Ovens. Next....a multigrain loaf. Best loaves I have ever made at home! The white enamel-on-steel bowl was perfect for hand mixing the dough according to the directions. Deep enough, Wide enough and ideal for 24 hour dough proof before baking. Easy to scrape sides and cleaned up simply

Roxane J , Feb 21, 2021

We just remodeled our kitchen and went with an induction cooktop. After looking at every brand of cookware on the market, we purchased Chantal cookware. They are absolutely amazing. We’re senior citizens and we can honestly say we love them. Clean up is a breeze, we’ve stopped using salt in our cooking and just keep it on the table. Cooking is faster, even, and tastes much better. We also backed off with using oils too. Try this the next time you make eggs: Put 1/2 tsp of butter in a small frying pan, whip two fresh eggs, with a small amount of milk, heat the pan on a low setting until the butter melts. Pour the egg mixture in and use a heat resistant spatula to fold the eggs. If you like a little cheese, go for it. Very shortly they’ll be done. Unlike frying the eggs until they almost burn. And the flavor will make your palate dance. Water boils in under one minute. Don’t ever use a high setting, it’s not worth it. Love the Chantal Induction cookware 100%! modify

Daniel Janick , Jan 30, 2020

I just bought an Apple red water kettle from a department store, I am loving it! It is so handy, it can be use anywhere. In no time I have my cup of tea. I am enjoying it! Thank you so much Chantal

Flavie St Remy , Jan 27, 2020

I always get the best recipes from y'all! looking forward to making both of these next week. And I have all ingredients on hand (what to do with that leftover ham from Christmas in the freezer). thx

Elsa K-W , Jan 12, 2020

I love my coffee pot

Champagne murillo , Jan 10, 2020

I have now had the cookware set for about 6 weeks---this set complements my new induction range for which this cookware and range are designed for each other! Having been in commercial food service I can identify with the high quality of this cookware. Very well constructed---very solid. I have found it to be very easy to clean---the ceramic nonstick is a dream to clean!!---wish the entire set had this coating. The steel sauce pans do heat up VERY quickly with the induction range and are also easy to clean---so far I have not burned any food in them. Any negative is with the extra heavy duty griddle---it does take a long time to heat up due to its heft and durable construction. I would give this set a 10 out of 10. Bryce

Bryce Hinsch , Dec 26, 2019

I have been going to your annual warehouse sales since you were located on West Sam Houston Parkway. I always look forward to your sale. I love the quality of your cookware and bakeware. Your staff this year was very helpful.

Lisa Leanard , Dec 13, 2019