Chantal, the First Woman-Owned Cookware Company in the U.S., Acquired by J.A.M. Enterprises

The 51-year-old cookware company’s products can be found in all 50 states

 HOUSTON February 6, 2023 – Lori Carriello’s J.A.M. Enterprises is thrilled to announce it has acquired 51-year-old cookware company Chantal.

 “I want to honor Chantal’s founder, the remarkable Heida Thurlow, and continue her legacy of designing high-end and uniquely designed cookware by artisan craftsmen and women,” Lori said following the purchase.

 New to the housewares trade, Lori has experience in the consumer products industry. She recently oversaw the United States’ builder and kitchen retail divisions of Miele, the German appliance company. Lori said she plans to open new markets and create new products for Chantal.

 “We will be working on sophisticated and fun new styles to pair with the quality and performance Chantal is known for,” Lori said. “We have great products; for example, our Induction 21 cookware line – not only is it nickel free, but it’s designed for expert performance on the induction stovetop. We will also be focusing on expanding our AllergenWare™ line, as individuals with food allergies now have a worry-free and nickel-free option.”

 A German-born engineer and passionate cook, Heida started her kitchenware company in 1971. Her first items were beautiful pottery dishes and clay bakers.

 Heida’s company grew steadily in the early 1980s, most "notably" due to the introduction of her first stovetop teakettle that features an innovative Hohner harmonica whistle that hits the notes E flat and E as water comes to a boil. The kettle is among the first items she introduced in a variety of fashionable colors. Adding strong, solid colors to kitchenware products was rarely done then, but the trend caught on quickly. In fact, the Boston Pops Orchestra asked for several samples to confirm that the whistle notes go from E flat to E! 

 The kettle became an icon of stovetop teakettle design, as it was copied by countless competitors over the years and was well recognized in numerous television programs, including “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and “The Golden Girls.”

 Chantal celebrated 50 years of business on October 22, 2021. Heida became the first woman founder in United States history to have remained sole controller of a multimillion-dollar company at its 50-year benchmark. Over those years, she was awarded more than 50 patents and 31 trademarks from both the United States and Germany.

 Chantal has sold more than 5 million teakettles and can be found in high-end retail stores across all 50 states.

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