What is Magnetic Induction?

 Simply put…Magnetic Induction uses electricity and magnetism to cause your metal cookware to heat from within…. instead of applying heat to the bottom of the pots.

 Magnetic Induction is different from gas and electric in that your pan actually becomes the heat source for your cooking instead of a burner.   Gas and electric can only heat the pan where the burner contacts it. The heat then must spread through the metal making the heat uneven.  With magnetic induction the metal of the pan is heated evenly and quickly.

Every major appliance manufacturer in the US has at least 1 magnetic induction stovetop. Some have more.  It was developed in the early 1970’s, but is becoming more and more popular as some states move to ban gas stovetops in new construction.


What are the Benefits of Magnetic Induction?

 Magnetic Induction is faster (25-50%) to start and provides more even heating.  Water boils faster than via gas or electricity. Watch our video.

 The temperature in your pots can be held very steady, even at low settings, allowing you to easily avoid burning and scorching food.  Heat settings can be very precise for melting chocolates, thickening milks or other low temperature tasks.

 Provides quick response time when changing heat settings both in lowering or increasing the temperature of the pan.  Since induction stoves transfer their heat directly to the pan, you can control the temperature of the pan more precisely.

 Only the pan is heated, which leads to greater fuel efficiency. Since less heat is wasted to the surrounding air magnetic induction stovetops are roughly 50% more efficient than gas. 

 Safety; Magnetic Induction has no open flame or exposed coils.  Most induction burners will not turn on without a pan on the stove AND the stovetop has cooler surfaces since the pot is the heat source NOT the stove top.

 Clean up is easier. The stove top itself does not get hot so foods do not burn on.


What Else Do I Need To Know about Using Magnetic Induction?

 Cookware must be flat-bottomed and magnetic to work on magnetic induction.  Cast Iron cookware and some stainless steel cookware (including Chantal Induction 21 and Chantal 3.CLAD) work best.  Take a magnet when you shop for cookware and teakettles.