2 piece whisk set with balloon whisk and flat whisk

Whisk Set (2 Pc.)

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contoured ergonomic handle fits into curve of hand
professional gauge stainless steel handle with stay cool cement
chantal utensils feature 10 year limited warranty

Chantal Utensils Perform Beautifully! This whisk set conveniently comes with both the Small Flat Whisk and our NEWLY stocked Balloon Whisk. The flat whisk is great for beating eggs or whisking sauces, like roux or gravy. It's also good for custards and dishes that require frequent stirring. The Balloon Whisk is great at whisking batters, even thick batters, and whisking dry ingredients together! Get them both right here!
To achieve the ultimate in function, comfort and beauty we incorporated 3 innovative design features:
  • The ergonomic handle fits perfectly into the curve of your hand. We applied “The Golden Mean”, a rule from architecture, into the creation of the handle curve.
  • The handle is filled with cement, which keeps the handle cool during cooking and provides perfect balance.
  • The hang loop at the end of the handle was inspired by the classic shape of our registered Chantal knob.
  • Made from premium stainless steel.

Chantal Utensils come with a 10 year warranty.

Exclusively designed by Chantal’s founder and owner, Heida Thurlow, this whisk has become referred to as simply the “Heida” whisk. The flexible spool at the end of the whisk bends according to your needs and is even capable of flattening completely into a single, even plane. Never before has whisking eggs, batter or meringue been easier!


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