Dark Blue Kettles

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navy blue mia electric water kettle

Stainless Steel (Plastic Free) Mia Ekettle™ - Electric Water Kettle (32 Oz.) - Cobalt Blue

$69.95 USD
The Mia Ekettle® from Chantal® features a spout and handle design that make a "Pour-Over" feel natural and easy. All stainless-steel interior - no plastic! Along with a slow pour...
Enamel-on-Steel Classic Teakettle 1.8 Quarts in blue

Enamel-on-Steel Classic Teakettle (1.8 Qt.) - Cobalt Blue

$119.95 USD
Customize your kitchen by adding a hint of color!Our Classic Teakettle rocketed to popularity when introduced 30 years ago. The accolades continue for this timeless Chantal original, sure to remain...
Enamel-on-Steel Vintage Teakettle Collection 1.7 Quarts in colbalt blue

Enamel-on-Steel Vintage Teakettle Collection (1.7 Qt.) - Cobalt Blue

$64.95 USD
Chantal has always been known for iconic teakettles and is proud to introduce another classic style. A sought-after look inspired by traditional stove top designs from the past which have...
Enamel-on-Steel Sven Teakettle 1.4 Quarts in blue

Enamel-on-Steel Sven Teakettle (1.4 Qt) - Cove Blue

$69.95 USD
Central to Chantal’s Scandinavian Collection is the 1.4 Qt. Sven teakettle. Clean lines and natural wood help create a design that is distinctly northern European. The blond wood handle and...
sven kettle craft coffee set french press ceramic filter blue cove color

Sven Craft Coffee Set (3 Pc.) - Cove Blue

$124.95 USD
This three piece set will give you all the tools you need to master two of the most popular (and fun!) craft coffee techniques – Pour Over coffee and French...