Variety of Allergenware purple and steel pots and pans


Keep it Separate. Keep it Safe! An alarming number of people of all ages worldwide suffer from a food allergy or sensitivity. The numbers are increasing and many of these allergies are life-threatening. One way to combat the issue in the home is to separate food preparation into allergen containing food and safe food. Cooking consciously and safely at home is vital to avoid cross-contact of severe allergens to safe foods. Many cooking surfaces are porous and allow food particles to remain behind even after washing causing potentially dangerous exposure to allergy sufferers. The most prudent method for cooking is to have separate cookware for allergen food and for safe food. With this in mind, Chantal has developed a brand new cookware line called AllergenWare™ to help families easily identify their allergen-free cookware from their other cookware in the kitchen. The cookware is non-porous stainless steel banded in bright purple. Purple is the universal color for food allergen awareness and makes a bold statement in the kitchen. Chantal’s NICKEL FREE Stainless Steel is the healthiest choice! We understand how life with food allergies can be difficult. Our goal is to offer families the peace of mind of safe cooking while using this new cookware in their homes…because we care.

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